• Hayley Dodsworth

Are you adapting to the new normal?

Taking 'one day at a time' and 'meeting each new challenge head on' has been the new normal for Content RED since the March 2020 coronavirus lockdown. We've had to adapt!

So what will be the next new 'normal' for independent businesses?

We are now seeing lockdown measures reduced, along with the falling number of coronavirus cases, and the imminent re-opening of all UK businesses. Every business will have different challenges to overcome, space, accessibility, stock, employees availability, safety. Planning for every eventuality is key and it's a good time to talk to customers and listen to their fears and concerns, understand them then tackle the issues they have told you about. I've found that loyal customers will always try to support good businesses.

Consumers have had to adapt to new ways to shop since March, and online sales have sky rocketed through platforms like Amazon and supermarket online portals. The risk to retailers is that online shopping continues to grow, as we've all embraced it so readily, and that the ongoing fear of contracting the virus promotes this even further - potentially resulting in retail closures.

Independent businesses have an 'Online' opportunity right now:

Online they can STAND out over the competition with a planned communications strategy!

They may already have a website or Amazon listing or they may be working on this to ensure their business is found online. By sharing regular and relevant content from a website or social media channels increases Google ranking, ensuring you are found naturally online, increasing awareness, building trust, credibility and untimatley, bringing in sales.

Content RED support our clients in planning and writing relevant content then sharing this to the current customer base and/or a wider audience, allowing the client time to do what they do best whilst we promote them!

If you would like a have an informal chat about what we do and how we can help you plan your marketing communications to support your business strategy going forwards give us a call on 07981 554853. We look forward to hearing from you.

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