• Hayley Dodsworth

How to drive more traffic to my website?

It's the question every business owner wants to know the answer to!

"How to drive more traffic to my website?"

Connected communications does just that along with the following:

- educating your audience about the features and benefits of your products

- building trust and loyalty from others experience working with you

- telling the story about your journey in building your business

- sharing offers and promotions

- engaging with your audience, requesting feedback and support in sharing your message with their online community

"So what does connected communications mean?"

It's simply the linking of online content from one marketing communications platform to another. This is a way to get more traction and visibility of your content online. Google loves new content so by regularly updating your website via the blog, then sharing it by connected communications, this will help your target market to find your product or service when they are looking for it.

The starting point for the content written should always be the website call to action landing page or online shop. This central point can be connected via a link online in every post across all online touch points with the audience, be it social media, PPC, email marketing or a blog post.

So when you write content ensure you have every channel connected to the call to action!

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