• Hayley Dodsworth

Savvy online consumers see right through sales and marketing techniques

Nowadays online consumers are savvy to many sales and marketing techniques; Online shopping has made it easier for them to compare services so businesses now have to work smarter and demonstrate their unique strengths, showcasing testimonials and service levels to earn trust and ultimately, buy in.

I've learnt that to get the most from your marketing communications you have to be consistent in reinforcing credible content. This can help put independent businesses on a level playing field, and they can use this to their advantage, by building excellent relationships with their customers, making it difficult for larger companies to get their foot in the door.

It's also about playing the long game to achieve marketing communications objectives, after all, you don't propose marriage on a first date. You have to engage interest, earn trust, build confidence and instil desire. 

It's about playing the long game to achieve marketing communications objectives!

By planning ahead and sharing useful and engaging content with interested consumers you can win over the most discerning consumer, who will potentially be a more loyal long term customer!

Written by Hayley Dodsworth, founder of Content RED Marketing Solutions, Leeds #contentred #marketingcommunications #buildyourbusiness #yorkshire #communicationsconsultancy


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