• Hayley Dodsworth

Start 2021 with improved online optimisation!

new year 2021 - happy?

2020 was a year unlike any other! Sales and marketing strategies relied totally on online marketing since face to face business was locked down. 2021 has started with a further lockdown so, I'd like to share some advice on ways to increase online sales and optimise your online shop.


  • Follow your online customer journey and ensure a simple route to purchase.

  • Google your brand regularly to understand where you rank against competitors.

  • Improved SEO (search engine optimisation) to attract the relevant audience.

  • Link content across multiple platforms - always lead back to the online shop.

  • Offer free delivery or a product promotion to inspire purchase/action.

  • Encourage social media 'Likes and Shares' and positive engagement.

  • Request testimonials and share this at every opportunity to build online trust.

  • Make the most of free listings where possible on community/free mediums.

  • Incorporate professional video marketing and share widely.

  • Ensure listings on popular online purchasing sites - e.g. Amazon.

I hope these tips are useful and wish you every success in 2021. If you would like support I offer a FREE review of your online marketing communications.

Please contact me on 07981 554853 or complete your details on the Contact Us.

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