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Understanding customer touchpoints

Understanding your customers and their touchpoints is essential when formulating an effective marketing communications plan!

A customer 'touchpoint' is an encounter where customers and businesses engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions.

Every consumer is a unique individual and should be treated as such. Their marketing touchpoints will vary based on their age and experience, and so the more you understand about them the more confident you can be in ensuring you are communicating in the most relevant way. The communications plan can be produced from this customer analysis and put in place to attract the ideal target audience. It’s important to communicate consistently across a variety of tried and tested marketing touchpoints to get your marketing message across to the new target, after all you don’t propose marriage on the first date, you have to demonstrate your suitability and win them over.

Touchpoints matter both online and in print as they all work together to build a brand and ultimately, a loyal customer and fan. At Content RED we recommend a combination of both digital marketing and print media works best! If you’re an independent business it’s imperative that you work smarter than your competition to STAND OUT and make the most of your knowledge about your customer! Then, by regularly reviewing your customer touchpoints, you can ensure they are working to achieve your marketing objectives.

Do you have the following touchpoints in place?

- An effective website with hardworking search engine optimisation to bring in new traffic? Regular review from analysis of visitors to the website and online sales.

- An email marketing strategy to ensure regular communications with customers and potential prospects? Check on open rate and action as an outcome of the activity.

- An online advertising strategy to bring traffic to the website? Measure the source of the enquiry?A clear follow up process to ensure inbound enquiries are maximised?

- Customer journey mapping allows you to see your business through the eyes of the consumer.

- Printed marketing materials and point of sale to back up branding and positioning?

- On page and online advertising in local media and specialist magazines?

- Have you entered your industry awards to gain independent recognition in your market?

- Attend customer events? Professional branding and point of sale materials to carry through your marketing message available.

At Content RED Marketing Solutions we help our clients to identify any areas for development in their communications strategy and plan. With a clear communications plan in place you can measure its effectiveness and make changes along the way. You can work out a return on investment and ensure your marketing message is reaching its audience and achieving your communications objectives.

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Regularly review how you communicate with your current customers and what works then use this information to identify how to attract a new ideal target audience.

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