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Words of wisdom

I'd like to share some words of wisdom gained from 20 years in marketing, working in businesses both large and small.

I've learnt the most since working for myself, investing my own time and money, tirelessly building a pipeline of clients, understanding their business in order to achieve their communications objectives and deliver a good return on investment. I've specifically targeted independent businesses to work with in and around North Leeds because I understand this audience and the many touch points that influence them.

My advice to other independent business owners is:

1. Understand your customer and what they are trying to achieve.

2. Understand the communications channels which your target audience engage with.

3. Listen to your customers and understand your reputation in your market place.

4. Build confidence and trust by sharing good news and turn around criticism where possible.

My most recent testimonial on Facebook:

"Having worked with Hayley as a business partner on our successful children's novel, I cannot recommend her more highly. Her passion for everything she does is infectious and she works tirelessly to maintain her high standards. As a result of her marketing, she opened doors that I didn't even know existed."

Donna Harrison - The Super Food Fight

I have been working hard to practice what I preach and share relevant and creative content on my own social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Go to: for links.

If you'd like a chat about how to stand out in your market give us a call on 07981 554853.

Thanks for reading!


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